How to Approve an update / updates in WSUS

Posted: January 20, 2012 in windows server 2008


first of all you I assume that you have synchronized with the update server and  there are new updates which needed to approve ( to go through the synchronization process just go check my one of previous posts

open WSUS with privileged user account

wsus 1

go to updates.

wsus 2

you can see updates are categorized. for ease your process just select all the updates

wsus 3

now navigate to updates section in the right side and select unapproved from the approval drop down list and any from the status drop down list and click on refresh ( above showed ). It will show all the updates which are not approved to install in WSUS.

soon after you click on you will get a list of unapproved updates from the WSUS  ( below showed )

wsusnotapproved updates4

you can see that they are not approved, likewise you can see the approved updates from here also

now right click on a update and select approve from the popup menu or  select an update and go to action menu and select approve.


if you want to select all the updates to approve just use Ctrl+A as usual and repeat above step

select all unapproved uptdates

then after you can approve the updates to each group ( as you prefer ) in here I have only one group called lab 1 and unassigned group you can approve updates manually to each group or for all groups

approve dialogbox

as showed in above I have clicked the all computers group and approved to install after you approved it will show a progress bar ( depend on number of updates that you are approving it will take a little while to approve )

approval prograss

after approved ( showed below)


like wise you can  approve updates after you synchronized. in here there are more options like set deadline, unapproved, approved to remove. we will discuss these things in future with some posts

post by – U.L Ranmal

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